About Us


Originally began as a chip mill in 1997, Ozark Wood Fiber is located in Goodman, Missouri just on the edge of the Ozark Mountains. The company would purchase slabs from local sawmills and process it through a chipper to produce hardwood chips loading them into railcars and being sent off to make paper products. Over the years, the company expanded its manufacturing capabilities, grade lumber, and low grade products that could be used for pallet mats or hardwood flooring. 


Since 2012, Ozark Wood Fiber has lost Harry Scott, at which was a partner of Kenneth Renfroe in the company. Kenneth became sole owner of Ozark Wood Fiber. Although the company lost a great leader, businessman and mentor, the vision to become a local beacon for the hardwood industry has endured. The company has grown from a small chip mill to a company with over fifteen million bdft of hardwood products and 50,000+ tons of byproducts residuals annually. The products that we produce have a profound effect to everyday lives: from the railcars that move products all over our country to the pallets items are shipped on throughout the world to the hardwood floors in homes. We have highly experienced certified foresters to help procure, manage, and foster the timber that we purchase ensuring we utilize every forest resource.

What We offer

Ozark Wood Fiber produces items each and every day ranging from items for the railroad industry to items for homes and offices. 

We produce:

  • Cross ties for the Railroad Industry
  • Lumber
  • Cants
  • Wood Chips
  • 100% Natural Oak Mulch with our specie focus being Red and White Oak
  • Sawdust

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